The Twelve Apostles Catacol Arran £95

£ 95.00

"The Twelve Apostles Arran"  This is a giclee art print of the island of Arran.  This 70 x 30cm print run is limited to a maximum of 50.  Each print is individually named, numbered and signed. The print is cardboard backed and cellophane wrapped.  The image size is 70 x 30cm.  The overall paper size is 78 x 38cm.

There is no additional charge for UK posting.  For international posting - please enquire.enquire.

Summary of this item: Giclee Print image size £95

This print is also available in a smaller size - please ask.

The smaller size is image size approx 50 x 22cm and is £75. The smaller size is also limited to 50 copies.

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