Still Life Paintings

I LOVE FLOWERS  I love painting flowers.   Whenever friends bring a bouquet - it is new inspiration for a painting.  

VASES OF FLOWERS I never tire of painting vases of flowers.  I think these paintings work well on a smaller canvas and many of these paintings are on canvas size 30 x 30cm (12 x 12inches)

LARGE SEMI ABSTRACT FLOWER PAINTINGS  I love painting flowers as close study on a large canvas.  Roses, Irises and Tulips are particular favourites of mine.  When you look closely at the petals there are so many shades of colour and subtle patterns that work really well to translate with my impasto style.  I use thick paint with textured brush strokes and some pallet knife application.

FLOWER PAINTINGS AS A GIFT   Many people have a favourite flower and so a painting can be an ideal gift.   I am happy to do commissions of  floral paintings

WEDDING BOUQUETS  A painting of a wedding bouquet can be an ideal gift for a special memory of the wedding  day.

GICLEE ART PRINTS  Some of my still life paintings are available as giclee prints.