The Lemond Gallery 4 Thorn Road, Bearsden G61 4PP

THE LEMOND GALLERY at 4 Thorn Road, Bearsden, Glasgow is host to some of the biggest art exhibitions in Scotland.

They have two big exhibition each year:  THE BIG SUMMER EXHIBITION and THE BIG CHRISTMAS SHOW

THE GALLERY does not have a gallery sign - but the No 4 can clearly be seen on the gateposts.  As you walk towards the "house" you can see lots of art through the windows. Once inside - you will be amazed by the gallery extension space and enjoy viewing one of the largest gallery exhibition spaces in Scotland.

A FRIENDLY WELCOME is guaranteed.  This is not an exclusive gallery.   The lack of "shopfront" signage - really just reflects the gallery position in a residential street. Please feel free to knock on the door during gallery opening hours to see some lovely art.   At busy times - the door is open already...